5 tips to clean the toilet, 15 minutes to finish immediately



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5 tips to clean the toilet, 15 minutes to finish immediately

What would you do if your toilets were clogged one night, when all the shops were closed? No need for too fussy tools, you can still handle a clogged toilet in just a few minutes.

Note before performing the steps to clear the toilet:

- Only flush once because when the toilet is clogged, you cannot flush the toilet forever, but it will increase the retention and stagnation.

- Open the ventilation window.

- Use gloves and a medical mask when preparing to open the toilet to ensure hygiene.

Ways to open the toilet

Method 1 - Use dishwashing liquid and warm water

This is the simplest way for a normal, light-clogged toilet form, and the obstructions are nothing serious.

Pour dishwashing liquid directly into the toilet. Then use a little warm water (do not use hot water will ruin the toilet bowl) pour gently, slowly to gently swirl the dishwashing oil down. Leave for about 20 minutes then rinse with water as usual.

Method 2: Use baking soda and vinegar

With this method, the toilet with little water will no longer work. Therefore, also prepare a basin of warm water.

First, slowly add 1-2 cups of baking soda and white vinegar into the toilet and then gently pour the basin of warm water around the seat, gradually pouring it directly into the tub until the water is half full or more. At this point in the toilet will occur white foaming reaction, the reaction will even happen quickly if you put everything too fast.

Cover the toilet lid and let stand for about 30 minutes. The clogged waste mixture in the toilet will gradually melt and douche. If not once, you can repeat it 1-2 more times.

Method 3: Use a clothes hanger

The method is quite simple, you use the hanger to hang clothes that have not been used anymore, break the hanger open as in the picture. To avoid damaging the enamel of the toilet bowl, wrap one end tightly with the cloth, tightly wrap to prevent the fabric from slipping causing further clogging.

Then gently insert the iron hook into the toilet and choose your direction to push the blockage.

Method 4: Use chemical discharge

This method will certainly be the last option if the two methods above are not effective because chemical discharge is commercially available, but be careful to use because they can be toxic to humans and the lips. school. Please read the instructions carefully before using chemical discharge.

Method 5: Use tape

Prepare a cleaning cloth, a pair of gloves, and a large area of ​​duct tape (duct tape) as much as possible or buy a toilet patch.

- First, put on gloves, put the pedestal cover on top, then remove the dirty cloth around the mouth of the toilet.

- Use a tape or patch on the toilet lid seal to not open. Take a look at the image below

- Then rinse water from 1-2 to 2 times when you see the tape bulge to stop discharging

- Gently tap the surface of the tape, this force will create pressure to push water down dragging objects stuck in the pipe down.

You will become the common knight chosen by the whole family. Your family will always be satisfied with what you are doing. I wish you early success!


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