Introduce effective drainage devices



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Introduce effective drainage devices

Any water pipe may be blocked. And so is your water pipe, and at times like that you will probably be very upset and will go online to find out how to handle it. So this article will introduce the effective drainage equipment for you.

Multi-function drainage device

Is a high quality product of Vietnam brand. Multipurpose drain valve is considered as a solution to effectively solve congestion for lavabos, floor drains, toilets, sinks, etc.

The compact design with flexible 5m long spring-loaded steel wire, enhances the working range of the tool whether it is curved, zigzag or zigzag culverts.

Clear the drainage pipe by the hand wire

Similar to a spring-connected wire, the manual spring-drain drain device has a single-axis handle designed with a spring that is highly elastic and resilient.

Take the spring wire to the clogged drain and then drive the shaft so that the spring goes deep into every corner, decomposing the accumulated debris trapped inside.

It is also one of the most cost-effective switches that we can consider.

Clear the drain pipe with hand tools

This is the tool that applies to shallow switches. It is possible that small waste, organic humus, grease adheres to the pipeline leading to clogging. At the top of this hand-held tool there are often hook ends to hold the dirt at the tip. You can use these tools as follows:

Using this method, you can rotate it manually. Allow the waste to dissolve into the water with running water. Maximum length about 1 meter.

Clear the drainage pipe with loxo cord

The best type of drain plug-in device, the compact portable design with 10m long spring wire. This product is suitable for clearing congestion for medium length pipes and pipes in households.

Drainage pipe pump tool

Toilet flushing is another form of a regular toilet indent, but it's easier to use. The structure of a toilet flush pump has a rubber end attached to the pump body made of hard plastic.

The principle of operation is to use downward pumping pressure to compress the waste trapped in the toilet.

Above are the drainage pipe tools. At home is simple and most effective, the most popular on the market today. Hopefully, they will help your family's daily life always be comfortable.


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