Signs need to dredge manholes right away



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Signs need to dredge manholes right away

Sumps are an important part of the waste path, which connects directly to each household. Therefore, if you do not regularly dredge manholes, it will lead to congestion from inside to the street, causing many troubles in daily life for people.

Regardless of an incident with the manhole, there are warning signs and the manhole is not an exception, it also has a serious impact. Waste dumped into the manholes too much, rain down and dumped waste to fill the manholes or after many years of use without being dredged once, these are the causes of the manhole clogging. And when the pipes and manholes are in trouble, we will have signs that you need a service to dredge manholes, you need to pay attention to avoid clogged sewers, affecting daily life.

Signs that manholes need to be dredged

- First, you will see where the pits contain water overflow causing unhygienic and travel of everyone around. Especially in the rainy season, the water flooded the road quickly, making the garbage rise not only difficult to walk but also looked very unsanitary.

- Next is the domestic water, when the manholes are clogged, the water when it rains or in the industrial areas, the drainage is very slow and stagnates for a long time and cannot go anywhere. Therefore, the water in the family is polluted.

- Especially when the manhole is clogged and you do not dredge in time, it will happen the stench of the waste debris that has been there for a long time to rise up extremely uncomfortable causing environmental pollution. around. And when it rains, they quickly emerge, polluting the environment around you.

- In general, when the manholes are serious, you will have to dredge and check a series. And dredging a heavily clogged manhole will take a lot of time, affecting the travel of many people.

Here are three common signs you'll notice when a manhole is clogged. Or if to be more sure you can open the manhole cover and check.


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