Tips to clear the toilet with dishwashing water is simple but extremely effective



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Tips to clear the toilet with dishwashing water is simple but extremely effective

Every time the toilet is clogged, you usually have to do everything you can to clear it, but it still won't work. Don't worry, because with just a few drops of dishwashing liquid, you can clear the toilet in a snap without spending any effort. Let's find out the article "Tips to clear the toilet with simple dishwasher very effective" below!

Note before performing the steps to clear the toilet:

  • Only flush once because when the toilet is clogged, you cannot flush the toilet forever.
  • Open ventilation windows.
  • Use gloves and a medical mask when preparing to open the toilet to ensure hygiene.
  • To work, you need to wait about 1 hour before flushing the water to work.
  • If you notice a blockage, do not flush it. Please apply the method below me just then rinse.
  • For heavy clogged toilet phenomenon, you use dishwashing liquid are useless.

Instructions on how to unclog toilet bowl with washing water:

Step 1: Put a few drops of dishwashing liquid directly into the clogged toilet. Just a few drops, do not put dishwashing liquid on too much because it will cause waste.

Step 2: Pour half a bucket of hot water slowly into the toilet. After that, leave it for about 20 minutes.

Step 3: Press the flush valve in the toilet and you will see unexpected results. If the toilet is still clogged, you can repeat a few more times.

You can replace dishwashing liquid with shampoo or some soap, but it's still best to use dishwashing liquid. However, it must not be replaced with washing liquid or detergent as they will kill the probiotics that decompose the waste inside a septic tank.

Above is the trick to clear the toilet with simple dishwashing liquid but extremely effective. Hopefully, this approach solves the problem of toilet congestion. I wish you success with this method and your home is always clean and beautiful.


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