Toilets smell of sewers guide the most thorough solution



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Toilets smell of sewers guide the most thorough solution

When the room smells bad, you often think of using scents like essential oils, room sprays to overwhelm or pour cleaning products into the toilet. However, when you stop using it, the toilet may smell like it used to be.

The following are the most thorough causes and ways of deodorizing when a toilet has a sewer odor for your family to avoid it

The causes of toilets smell like sewers

  • The septic tank is full, making the toilet smell
  • He escaped when broken or clogged could not escape the smell
  • The siphon tube is clogged or is blocked by insufficient water so it cannot flow
  • The dregs in the pipe are long but the trash is small like hair, dirt, grease ... etc
  • Especially due to Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) gas generated during the decomposition of waste in sewage.

When we use water every day, there are many small wastes such as hair, dirt, garbage in the house accidentally falls sharply at the folding points of the pipe, so long it gets condensed a lot. For a long time, it will smell up the wall of the manhole causing the phenomenon of toilets to smell rotten.

How to overcome the toilet smell of sewer

Handling the issues above

If the septic tank is full, then we can call a tunnel collectors to check and conduct the suction

Check the exit pipe when, if broken or clogged, replace immediately, avoiding long-term effects

The siphon tube is clogged or the water is not enough so it cannot flow, if you do not check it yourself, you can call a draftsman to handle it,

The dregs in the pipeline are long but the trash is small like hair, dirt, grease ... etc. you can use water of 1000C to pour directly into the toilet or washbasin, the greasy residues will melt, and wash away those dirt

Eliminate bad smell in the toilet

Reduce toilet odors with deodorant products

You can use deodorant pads, deodorant sprays, essential oils, wax flowers, ... with your favorite aroma placed in the toilet to eliminate odors from the drain.

Using scented candles, scented candles are easy to buy and the cost is not high at convenience stores.

Using newspaper, you only need to use one newspaper, wrap it up and burn it in one corner of the toilet, the smoke from the paper will eliminate the smell of toilet.

Install a ventilation fan

The exhaust fan will quickly spread the smell to the outside, making the toilet less stuffy.

It will push the entire air with odors, bacteria, dust ... from the inside to the outside, and suck fresh air from the outside in instead.

How to eliminate odors in the toilet with vinegar

The acetic acid in vinegar is antibacterial and eliminates bad odors in the toilet.

You just need to put 1 cup of vinegar on the corner of the wall or pour the vinegar into the drainage pipe. Note that you should not flush the toilet at this time because it will wash away the vinegar.

Use orange, lemon or tangerine peels.

The orange, lemon, and tangerine peels that you use every day to eliminate odors, is also very simple.You just need to dry and cook with water to scent the water and put it in a glass in a corner of the toilet like Wine and vinegar to eat.


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