Tips for clogging clean water pipes at smart, economical houses



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Tips for clogging clean water pipes at smart, economical houses

Clogging of clean water pipes is indispensable for every family, no matter how good the plumbing is using plumbing material, it will not avoid work, grease, dirt and microorganisms. objects that live in the water cling to pipes for a long time become clogged up your water pipes

The reason and reason for washing his running water regularly

Causes of clogging of clean water pipes

There are many causes of blocked water pipes. But there are two most common causes:

- For hard water: Is a type of water containing many components of calcium carbonate (caco3) will cause precipitation, adhesion to the pipe wall. They mix sand to make the pipe narrower.

In this case, you can use vinegar heating method to rinse the pipe. If you're serious, call a pipe cleaner !.
- For alum water: is the underground water pumped from wells to be contaminated with alum. Alum water is a type of water containing dissolved iron when meeting with Oxygen, they precipitate into yellow iron oxide, granular like sand.

In this case, it is required to use mechanical methods such as spring machine to stir wash combined with high pressure water pump to wash only.

The reason for flushing clean water pipes regularly

- Surely there are not many people on their own, actively cleaning the house's clean water pipes regularly, right? Only when the living pipe of your house is blocked do you pay attention and check it. I will present a few of these typical consequences for you to know.

Domestic contaminants accumulate

1. Seriously affect the health of your family members.

The clogged toilet will cause factors such as food does not run away, the waste of daily activities of your home is deposited for a long time. This will cause stinking smells to rise, and the clogged places will have lots of bacteria and germs accumulated.

Such things seriously affect the health of your family. Especially the houses with children, because children have weak resistance, they will suffer from a number of diseases such as policomyelitis, pharyngitis, ... and some digestive diseases.

2. Affect the life of domestic pipelines.

When sections are clogged for a long time but you are unaware and unaware, then the residues are too much in your household pipes. This can result in a break in the water pipe or a wear and tear in the water line.

Because of the long time of accumulation of residues, it will rust and make your domestic water pipes degrade quickly, if you do not recognize and do not clean the domestic pipes regularly.

Therefore, we must always clean the pipe regularly and periodically. This will help keep your home healthier and also ensure that your sanitary pipes are not clogged and will also greatly increase the life of the pipe.

Simple clean water pipe drain tips you should know

Method 1: Use hot water and vinegar to eat

Use hot water. Boiled water is extremely effective in clogging pipes or drains. When using hot water, the substances that cling to the pipe wall will be pushed more or less. Especially when the water is contaminated with Calcium Carbonate. Then the households can heat the vinegar water to wash pipes efficiently.

Method 2: Drain the pipe bottom very strongly

The way to do this: you pump water to the top floor as full as possible to the maximum water pressure. Then find the lowest bottom exhaust position and open the valve with the maximum angle to discharge. The large flow of water combined with strong currents will dislodge part of the blockage you are having a headache for.

Method 3: Clear water pipes with Backing soda

Just use baking soda and we can clear it. You only need to use ½ cup baking soda and pour it directly down the drain. Note, after pouring baking soda, do not drain water down the drain. You can leave it like that overnight, the next morning flush hot water to clean the drain.

However, if you are too busy the next morning, you can do this through the night. Instead of waiting until the next morning to flush hot water, rinse right away. However, the cycle of baking soda and hot water must be repeated several times until it is clear.

Method 4: Use probiotics

Instead of having to spend a lot of effort and money to clear the pipes, why not use a safer and more efficient solution in the long run.

If you do not know the cause of water pipes or because of long-term use, the water pipes are clogged, then using the probiotics for toilet treatment is the most effective solution. In other words, this is a way to add beneficial microorganisms to the septic tank, which will help the waste decompose quickly and effectively in the long run.

Another plus of the product is powder and handy packaging. What you need to do is pour it directly into the toilet and then wash your hands. It's done. Billions of good bacteria will help you do the rest.

Method 5: Use pressure to clear and clean pipes

- This method we have learned from engineers at the Department of Polytechnic in Hanoi researched, tested and invented by the perfect combination of high pressure pipes that will be quickly opened. and safe. But this requires the operator to use a little skill.

With tips and causes of clogging of clean water pipes above. Will help you have more for yourself, experience to prevent, and handle congestion of clean water pipes. Good luck.


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